Everything You Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

man in white shirt and jeans applying epoxy on floorEpoxy flooring creates impressive garage floors. It is well-loved in the commercial and industrial markets. Enormous benefits of using epoxy satisfy people’s taste for style. If you need to invest in quality materials, epoxy flooring is perfect for your properties. You can now also have the innovative advantages of epoxy flooring inside your homes and small commercial spaces.

There are endless ways that you can improve your properties’ interiors and exteriors. Here is a list of everything you need to know about epoxy flooring.

1. Gorgeous Garage Floors

red car in garage with epoxy flooringEpoxy flooring is a perfect match for garage floors. People had departed from the traditional paint and primer duo since epoxy products became popular.

Epoxy is now the in-demand material that gives protective and decorative elements in industrial spaces.

2. Decorative Residential Epoxy Floors

artistic design epoxy coating floorAside from decorative garages, epoxy floors are also excellent for your residential properties.

Homeowners love epoxy for providing absolute protection to the floors. It is a worthy investment for houses when floors are built with durable and versatile concrete.

3. Spectrum of Designs

variety of epoxy flooring designsEpoxy flooring provides you with unlimited options for designs. The patterns common among epoxy coatings simulate other materials like marble, stone, brick, and wood.

Various color tones of epoxy include neutral grey colors to earthy, warm colors. Custom, modern and experimental colors, like the metallic epoxy designs, are also available now in the market.

4. 3D Epoxy Floors

ocean-like 3D epoxy floorWith the aid of technological advances, epoxy flooring reached its potentials. Nowadays, 3D epoxy floors installation is trending among people. With 3D epoxy floors, owners can get creative with flooring ideas.

Business establishments consider 3D epoxy floors as a good investment. It becomes an instant attraction to their commercial spaces, increasing foot traffic to their business.

5. Safety Benefits

green non toxic label stickerEpoxy coating is non-toxic unlike conventional paint materials for constructions. Business owners choose epoxy because it is super safe to use and does not produce a strong chemical scent.

Epoxy flooring gives favorable results for securing safety indoors, whether at home or in a business establishment. Epoxy flooring has an amazing slip-resistant quality. Moreover, it is waterproof, which makes cleaning easy, especially with chemicals and other harmful solvents.

6. Epoxy Coatings are not Paints

Epoxy coating is mostly made of solid material compounds. Paints are different from epoxy. While paints are a mixture of liquid compounds, epoxy, on the other hand, is made of solid ingredients containing resin and polyamine hardener.
Polyamine hardener is what makes epoxy an effective coating material. It is also one of the compounds that contribute to the slip-resistant and chemical-resistant features of the epoxy. When an epoxy coating is applied on the surface, it makes the pores of the concrete smaller. It helps the surface resist dust and other tough stains.

7. Quick Fix for Businesses

Another amazing fact about epoxy is that it is efficient for business owners to use. Epoxy flooring installation is quick and easy. The average period of epoxy application is 3-5 days. It is a perfect solution for business when renovating a space. There is no need to close transactions for weeks and wait until reconstructing is done. Also, the non-toxic attribute of epoxy makes it safe to be inside a closed establishment, as epoxy does not release any harmful smell.


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