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Concrete hugs every floor in both residential and business areas. It offers low-maintenance and cost-efficient solutions. With durable concrete surfaces, every room at home or commercial properties transforms in both form and function.

Polishing the concrete offers affordable applications for flooring enhancements. Epoxy Atlanta specializes in custom concrete floorings, epoxy, and more! For keeping the surfaces shiny and clean as you walk every day in your properties, our team of experts is here at your service!

Maintenance of your floors goes beyond cleaning. If you intend to polish it, then you are taking the right step! 

Polishing is practical. It’s been helping owners to sustain the luxe-look of their properties with seamless concrete steps for many years. Polished concrete is the supreme solution that doesn’t break your bank.

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Epoxy Flooring Commercial & Residential Benefits

Struggling to keep your floors always look polished and smooth? You are here for the reason that you want the ultimate change! You have gotten tired of the floors stained or ruined by harmful factors in your surroundings. Our team got you! Epoxy Atlanta GA specializes in bringing seamless, glossy floors.

Epoxy flooring produces glossy, smooth surfaces. Your old slabs can look good as new when finished with a layer of resinous coating. It seals to perfection, giving it a distinct sheen. It’s making the floors withstand harsh environments for more extended periods and does not lose appeal.

Now, aren’t you thrilled to have one of these efficient and world-class materials right under your feet? Know these benefits an epoxy floor will deliver you. 

  • Surfacings look smooth and seamless for longer periods
  • Customizable flooring designs and coatings 
  • Minimize expensive repairs
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Expertly crafted for aesthetically pleasing floors
  • Highly Stain Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasion Free
  • Versatile Flooring
  • Friendly to the Environment

Design Options for Polished Concrete

front-store-concrete-polishPolishing suits best for preparing the concrete for resealing or for quick, simple restoration. It is also one efficient finishing that enhances the concrete’s natural look. 

Dozens of types of materials make fantastic decors to the concrete surface. Wood, stains, dyes, pieces of glass, and colorado aggregates create artistic floors.

If you opt for custom designs, polishing will require a series of steps. These steps will pave the way for an even, clean-cut surface before any patterned and coating are applied. It will provide the coatings and design application to adhere correctly. 

Below are popular designs to choose from for your polished concrete.

1- Epoxy Enhanced

Epoxy flooring provides sturdy layers of super-resistant surface for floors. It’s sealing lasts for decades and can withstand any harsh environment. 

With epoxy, you can go from dozens of designs available that can match your particular aesthetic preference. 3D images, metallic or flaked floors- these are innovative designs you do not go wrong with. 

To make them last, polishing provides a restorative function to any epoxy-enhanced flooring. 

2- Plain & Neutral

Grey is the new era’s color, rising in popularity. So, better to prep those cement floors in your interiors and exteriors. There are so many things you can do with grey.

Back in the day, a bare, gray concrete equates to dull, drab, and creativity-killer. But today, incorporating innovative resurfacing techniques will make a bare cement the centerpiece of any property. 

Start cementing your love for this color. Throw a neutral, grey shade over on your concrete steps. Finish it with polishing techniques. Grey and glossy is your floor’s new best friend.

3- Colored Aggregate

The floors that you finished with plain contrite can enhance with neglected materials. If you think that pieces of stones, glass, cement chips from construction leftovers bear no use, then think again. 

When you combine these small solid materials, another product comes out. Coming from different uses, the chipped parts of old slabs or bricks and stones provide you a set of aggregates made of various colors and textures.

Mix these in while the concrete sets and still damp. This layer of colored cement mimics the collaged walls of floors. This is more cost-efficient than buying or using decoupage. Or use this instead for an alternative.

4- Polished Stains

Stains are integral coloring techniques used in flooring systems. The staining method provides long-lasting colors on the surfaces carrying high foot traffic. It’s a technique that offers a distinct translucent appearance. The floors become even more luminous when finished with polishing.

Stained concrete will last even longer after it is treated with polishing. A professional flooring contractor uses these innovations expertly. You can only be assured of achieving a masterfully crafted floor.

5- Polished Dyes

Compared to stains, dyes produce vibrant colors. Unlike chemical-based stains, the colors dilute for a translucent effect. Dyes are carried on the surface through the water. That is why the pigments are more concentrated.

6- Glassed and Glossy

Adding pieces to a concrete structure has been practiced for ages. It is one of the conventional concrete decorating. It is economical, too. The floors added with glass shards will display a rough texture. 

The coarse texture is balanced with the delicate, dazzling design of the reflecting shards. Finish this with a polishing technique for a full effect. This one makes a property look exquisite and ethereal with a glassed polished concrete floor.

7- Metals and Other Materials

Old discs, metal sheets cut into pieces, nails, old silicon chips can also be a concrete decoration. Having these materials seeded into the fresh concrete will create a heavily textured surface. 

To balance the solid prints and mixed media pattern is the concrete polishing. Adding other solid-based materials or mixed aggregate can add strength to your existing slabs. It makes a more efficient and economical repair to your plain, old concrete.

8- Shells and Sediments

If you opt to finish bare concrete with a simple polish and coating, you might want to add accents. Painting shells used from an old project into the concrete layer creates an ocean-inspired flooring. These designs can look great for your bathroom floors—exterior concrete or patios. 

Aside from seashells decorating your sea-shore inspired flooring, sediment, pieces of rocks, or pebbles are also suitable embellishments. The surface will also increase its traction. So, if you want to create a custom waterproofed floor, try this idea. 

9- Decorative Resurfacing

A flooring system can either be improved with stamped concrete, stained, or epoxy. These are flooring applications most commercial, industrial, and residential epoxy floors Atlanta, GA properties prefer. 

Whether the floors get a newly resurfaced decorative concrete or enhanced with concrete overlays, you can always upgrade their look and quality with polishing. 

Only expert flooring installers with years of experience can incorporate innovative ideas to revamp the floors. Don’t let today pass without getting in touch with our team of concrete artisans in Atlanta.

Want to freshen up your well-loved concrete floors? Polish it to perfection and keep it shiny. Call us today @ (404) 975-1264 for a FREE estimate!

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