Industrial Flooring Atlanta GA: Protecting your Business with High-Performing Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for commercial and industrial spaces in Georgia. Why? Workspaces are prone to various types of movements. You have employees going inside and outside the factory. Trucks enter the warehouse while carrying different kinds of raw materials to be processed. Also, several types of machinery leave stains.

Maintaining industrial floors is quite a job. You need a solution that is tough on damage and resists harmful elements! Our team is here to provide you industrial flooring in Atlanta, GA.

Why should I install epoxy floors in my workspace?

Why not? The epoxy floor is functional. The flooring system improves by minimizing accidents. It suits areas occurring with constant exposure to activities of all sorts. Lessen the risk and increase benefits in your Atlanta GA properties with epoxy floors. Here are five reasons why this floor coatings offers top service for your day-to-day operations:

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1. Epoxy flooring is low-maintenance during and after application.

Functionality and practicality are two primary considerations when it comes to the work area. This floor coatings exemplifies these needs with its seamless, self-leveling properties.

After you inspect your floors’ repair requirements, you can begin preparing and cleaning the surface. Then let the flooring contractor take over the job. You can have your epoxy flooring kit. Or make sure that when hiring professionals, they have with them the epoxy kit. It comes in a package containing the sealant, hardeners, resin, primer, finisher, etc. Our team ensures we have complete tools. It is sealed with quality and always in its 100% performance level.

Maintaining the floors do not also need expensive cleaning products. Experts discourage purchasing soap-based or acidic cleaning agents. These will reduce the glossy appearance of the ground. Warm water, soft broom, and a good microfiber mop are all you need to remove stains and dirt residue.

No need for complex solutions. When tearing appears, professionals apply a self-dispensing coating over the old surface. Voila! You’re good to go, walking on a newly polished floor!

The curing time will depend on the cracks’ size, and this typically will only last for a few days. You can schedule your floor repairs when operations are lax in maximizing the time.

2. This floor coatings can be multi-colored and have different patterns.

Placement markers are highly useful in professional facilities. Employees can follow safety protocols. For example, a portion of the ground is color red, which means that it is unsafe to walk by. Green flooring can signify the truck’s driveway when dropping off materials. Manufacturing labs will not need decorative concrete. But, using epoxy, a simple small accent on the floor can ensure a safe, productive day.

3. An epoxy floor has slip-resistance.

Oil leaks or fluid spills are a given in facilities regardless if it is in the food industry or healthcare. Provide more safety with industrial epoxy flooring in Atlanta! Other floor types are still slippery even when mopped countless of times. Do not waste your company’s resources and time worrying if the floors are dry enough to be worked on.

4. This floor type also has chemical-resistance.

With epoxy flooring for your workplace, you are not only assured of protection, but also quality. Harsh chemicals destroy the concrete’s surface. Thick stains, if not addressed right away, can be tough to remove. Face these issues stress-free with our flooring system!

5. Epoxy flooring has an anti-static or electrostatic charge (ESD): prevents electrical or fire-related accidents.

Industrial spaces work with equipment that operates through electricity or gas. The latter is highly combustible. Be proactive and enhance your facility’s with protective floor coatings.
Anti-static epoxy flooring has unique compounds. They prevent electrical or flammable discharge from spreading. Going the extra mile for safety is never a bad thing!

How much does floor epoxy cost?

The current breakdown of epoxy floor installation ranges from $3 to $7 per-square-foot. Atlanta’s directory registered that buildings rise at average 30,000 square feet to 500,000 square feet. The cost of one project is too high. Floor installation mistakes are unforgivable. So don’t risk on DIYs. Make no compromise on quality and safety by going the cheap route.


Epoxy is one of the most popular floorings. Benefits:

  • resistant to harmful chemicals
  • low-maintenance
  • decorative
  • easy to clean 

$4 – $9 per square foot is the average price range of professional installation. 

Ensure your company's success and optimum performance with our top quality industrial epoxy flooring Atlanta! Call (404) 975-1264 for a free quote and other flooring concerns!

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