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For all your concrete floor and epoxy flooring needs, turn to Epoxy Atlanta for luxury custom floors that set the standards in Atlanta for high-quality flooring systems. We provide epoxy flooring solutions, specifically Atlanta epoxy floors, for properties that have specific needs and install durable, cost-effective epoxy flooring for properties that need better floors than the market currently offers them. We think epoxy is the best flooring option for most spaces especially for a garage floor, which is why we offer our services to residentialcommercial, and industrial concrete flooring properties all over Atlanta GA.

Atlanta Epoxy Flooring System- Service Areas

Epoxy Atlanta strives to be able to provide quality epoxy floor installation services to areas all over Atlanta, GA. Currently, we are able to provide service to residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Intown Atlanta (including Downtown Atlanta, Midtown, West Midtown/Westside, and East Side Atlanta), Southeastern Atlanta, Southwestern Atlanta, Northwestern Atlanta, and Buckhead. That includes areas like:

We also provide epoxy coating floor services for commercial and industrial concrete floor projects just outside Atlanta.

Why Choose Epoxy Floors with Epoxy Atlanta

You probably already know how popular epoxy flooring has become. We see them in cafeterias, gyms, parking lots, our neighbor’s garage, and other places. But unless you know what epoxy can offer, it can be hard to understand its popularity.

Epoxy floor coating systems are the absolute best choice you will ever make when it comes to flooring, and we can guarantee that. Not only do they have remarkable features like durability, longevity, and stain-resistance (among other things), but they are also extremely cost-effective. For your flooring, you want something that pays in value, and epoxy does just that, multiple times over.

At Epoxy Atlanta GA, we don’t just offer the installation epoxy flooring (though we are very good at that). We also provide flooring installation solutions for properties that want floors that work for them. That means we assess everything in a space before making recommendations in terms of flooring. We specialize in custom epoxy floors that are of a higher standard made with high-grade materials and special equipment.

Everything we know about epoxy we have learned from the job from the many years we’ve been doing this. Our crew has combined decades of experience in Atlanta epoxy floors and can finish a job with finesse and professionalism.

Call us today at (404) 975-1264 to understand how Epoxy Floor Atlanta is different and to book a consultation with our team.

Professional Epoxy Flooring Installations

Residential Flooring Solutions

We offer epoxy flooring for residential properties that are looking for a better concrete flooring option than what they currently have.
Garage floors, basements, and even kitchens are all spaces that can benefit from the ultra-durability and versatility epoxy offers. They are easy-to-clean floors that are perfect for busy people.
Our residential flooring solutions are available in a number of colors, effects, and finishes that can be customized to your liking.

Commercial Flooring Solutions

We provide epoxy floor installations to commercial spaces like cafeterias, retail stores, nightclubs, and gyms – all of which can benefit from epoxy’s affordability and stain-resistance.
If you are interested in epoxy for your business space, we offer a range of services that could suit your needs according to the level of traffic you are expecting as well as appearance.
We also offer some decorative concrete floor services.

Industrial Flooring Solutions

Industrial flooring is where epoxy floor first began, and we honor that history by providing high-quality services that are innovative and meant to help you succeed.
We offer a range of epoxy flooring systems that blow all other flooring options out of the water in terms of resilience, longevity, and impact-resistance.
We also offer customizations to make sure the flooring follows OSHA standards for flooring.

Looking for an expert contractor for your epoxy flooring needs? Call us today at (404) 975-1264 to discuss your epoxy flooring options with us and to receive a free quote! We are locally-owned and based in Atlanta GA.

Featured Services

Epoxy Paint

Also known as epoxy floor coatings, epoxy paint is not necessarily a kind of paint, but it is called that because it is, in a way, painted on the surface of the floor. Epoxy paints are suitable for garages, basements, and other spaces that need extra durability and stain-resistance. They come in three types: water-based, solvent-based, and 100% solids. At Epoxy Atlanta, we generally use only water-based and 100% solids epoxy coatings that are more stable and safer than solvent-based epoxy coatings. Epoxy paints also come in a wide variety of colors, and can be customized further by us to achieve the epoxy flooring that you want.

Epoxy Slurry

The epoxy slurry service is perfect for older concrete floors that have started showing signs of wear and tear and that have developed cracks or pits. Instead of choosing to resurface the concrete with more concrete, we recommend the epoxy slurry service that does a better job of installing a new surface for the floor that is stronger and more long-lasting. An epoxy slurry mixture is made from epoxy mixed with an aggregate like sand, slurry powder, or silica that combines to make a thick and dense layer that extends the life of your epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flake Chip

If you’re looking for floors that combine both functionality and stylishness, epoxy flake chip floors might be the right choice for you. A layer of vinyl chips come between a basecoat of epoxy and a top sealer of polyaspartic to deliver an extra level of strength but also impart color and multi-dimensionality to your floors. Our vinyl chips are available in two sizes (standard and micro) and are available in a wide range of colorways to fit any space, though we can also blend a custom color scheme to match what you need for your epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Quartz Broadcast

Similar to epoxy flake chip floors, epoxy quartz broadcast floors also use a layer of quartz in between an epoxy flooring basecoat and a polyaspartic topcoat. Quartz is a durable material that can be broadcast over the epoxy basecoat to create a new layer that is strong and thick. We offer 100% quartz broadcast coverage to ensure there are no bald spots or empty patches on your floor that can be distracting. After the quartz has settled and we have scraped off the excess, we apply a polyaspartic sealer that is UV stable and strong. Quartz aggregates come in a variety of types and colors and we can also create custom quartz blends for you.

Epoxy Mortar
Industrial flooring needs all the help they can get when it comes to resilience and impact-resistance. That’s why we always recommend epoxy mortar floors to our customers who want the strongest of the strongest. Made with 5 layers of epoxy and mortar that is trowelled on with our special equipment, epoxy mortar delivers unbelievable strength and longevity to spaces that need it. They are heavy-build floors that are also chemical-resistant, low odor, stain-resistant, and can also be installed in a variety of colors and styles that won’t disrupt their performance.
Epoxy Removal

If you already own epoxy flooring systems and want to replace them with something better, we also provide an epoxy removal service. Epoxy is notoriously hard to remove after it has been installed, which is partly what makes it such an incredible flooring material. If the epoxy is relatively new, an acid bath can be used to get rid of a lot of the epoxy. But for older epoxy coatings that have had plenty of time to solidify, we go in with our special grinders and handheld diamond-tipped tools to efficiently remove every inch of epoxy on any surface like your garage floor.

Epoxy Repair

Concrete floors are prone to cracking. Many people can live with some cosmetic imperfections, but if it bothers you, we offer a repair service that uses epoxy. Epoxy patching compounds are self-leveling mixtures that can be poured into cracks, holes, and pits to fill them in. Once it has cured, we use a grinder to make the floor smooth and to make the repair look seamless. This works particularly well because epoxy is an exceptionally strong material that will bind cracks closed to make sure they’re dealt with. We can also add a thin layer of epoxy coating after to make sure it’s all tied in together.

Concrete Polishing

While we mainly specialize in epoxy flooring Atlanta systems, we also offer a number of popular concrete services that are given the same amount of attention and care that we give to our epoxy projects. Concrete polishing is an increasingly popular service for many homeowners and business owners alike who are drawn to its minimalist appeal. Decorative concrete is polished using a chemical densifier that first fills in the pores of the concrete floors. When it has dried, we can use our grinder to start polishing the floor. Depending on the finish and shine you want, different blades on the grinder will be used.

Epoxy Garage Floors

We know what kind of floors you want for your garage – strong, durable, easy to clean and maintain, and cost-effective. That’s why we specialize in installing epoxy floors in garages, where it particularly shines as a flooring system. Not only does it protect your car, but epoxy floor coatings are also impact-resistant to the weight of your car and other furnishings. Our custom epoxy floors for the garage come in a variety of colors, effects, and finishes that are sure to suit anyone. Epoxy garage floor Atlanta cost varies from these aspects but will definitely last for a long time. 

Upgrade your garage floor into an epoxy floor now! Work with one of the best concrete contractors for epoxy flooring! Call us today at (404) 975-1264 for a free estimate and to discuss your epoxy flooring options with us! We are locally-owned and has over 10 years of experience in the industry based in Atlanta GA.
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