Epoxy Flooring Atlanta: Choosing Between Water-Based vs. Solvent-Based Floors

Homeowners and local business owners are choosing epoxy flooring Atlanta to upgrade their properties. This flooring system offers unlimited coating options. Each type satisfies the specific needs of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. That is why it is so popular among contractors and designers!

What is epoxy flooring?

light-epoxy-floor-indoorFirst, understand better how epoxy works. Then, you will be ready to explore your options on how to use it for your spaces’ upgrade!

Epoxy flooring consists of multiple layers over the concrete surface. Epoxy is the key component of the concrete floors coating mix. The final product is a topcoat that enhances surface resistance. It protects the floors from stains, liquids, and harsh solvents like oils and chemicals.

Epoxy paint and epoxy coating are often used interchangeably. Take note that most hardware suppliers will not immediately pin down the exact product if you are looking for epoxy coating. Worry not because the difference between these two tools is noticeable.

These two materials vary in their results. During the final stage of coating, your floors’ paint merely dry. Paint may settle in a short time, but it needs more time to solidify thoroughly.

Moist pigments smudge easily when accidentally touch or brushed-off. That’s because paints are liquid-based. Owners need to wait days before the material turns into a pure solid surface. They can fully use a newly painted floor. Liquid paints are standard in garage floor and kitchen countertops.

Meanwhile, the epoxy coating is solid-based. It takes a maximum of 3 days for the curing period. But, if given the climate advantage of an area, enough heat and adequate ventilation can dry epoxy faster.

It is best to get professionals to apply the poxy coats. A concrete’s absorption is tested for adhesion. This process needs an expert to determine the surface’s suitability with epoxy. This product is more durable and long-lasting for floors, compared to paint that peels.

Which coating is better: 100% solids, Water-based, or Solvent-based?

There are three fluid types of epoxy flooring. These include 100% solids, water-based, and solvent-based coatings.

Experts highly recommend 100% solids out of all the categories. This choice provides the floors maximum protection against extreme impacts. The floors are safe form and harsh chemical products and massive vehicle friction.

It is wise to let the professionals handle this material during floor installations. Why? The concrete needs to be inspected, prepared, and cleaned before applying hardener and resin mix. It also takes a professional to achieve the right proportions. Also, each process requires special tools.

Meanwhile, water-based and solvent-based coatings are both budget-friendly. These are simplified mixes that anyone can apply. However, their quality and safety are a big concern. Solvent-based, in particular, contains volatile organic compounds that are incredibly harmful to people.

Given all of these clarifications, it is no wonder that starting your floor project can be confusing. The options may be overwhelming for some. Determining the right Atlanta epoxy flooring for your workspace is crucial. Solve this problem with us at Epoxy Atlanta. Ten years of satisfying residents are enough proof that we have and will always be ready to serve.

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Let us help you choose the correct epoxy flooring types Atlanta for your personal or business needs! Call us at (404) 975-1364 for a free quote!

What are the epoxy flooring types?

Each epoxy type carries its particular benefits, and determining which one is suited to your requirements is the first key to success. Here are seven epoxy coating options that will help your space shine!

Kinds of epoxy flooring type Atlanta



Best Trait

Area of Use


Heavy-duty against impact (e.g., large vehicles or machinery)

Commercial or Industrial spaces where sanitation and slip-resistance are important. 


Easy and smooth application

Old and new surfaces in residential or commercial areas


Strongest resiliency against extreme impact 

Warehouse or other industrial spaces with large equipment or vehicles


Versatility and allows personal touches in the design, such as logos

Residential or commercial spaces


Easy to clean and good visual appeal

Gathering areas in massive houses or buildings


Prevents electronic or flammable discharge due to its special compounds

Manufacturing plants, health facilities, professional kitchens, and other spaces with electronics and combustible materials

Vapor Barrier

Reduces vapor transmission for slip-resistance

Public concrete roads and other floor types

The majority of these epoxy flooring in Atlanta types offer different colors, slip, and chemical resistance. Now that you know each coating’s specific role and where to appropriately apply this, you are now ready.

Have a perfect combination of floors and Epoxy Atlanta! Experience the benefits epoxy has to offer in your local properties. Call our expert contractors today!

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