Creative Ideas For Epoxy Floors Coatings

Expressing our individuality in most areas of our home creates a unique finish for our home or business properties. Choosing epoxy floors allows most home or business owners to transform their floorings into something unique, which creates a personalized finish.   

If you want a type of material that encourages you to express your creativity and offers unlimited color options, then epoxy floors are the perfect option for you. The benefits of using epoxy coating for your flooring include:

  • Damage resistant
  • Durable (lasts for 20-30 years) 
  • Provides unique and seamless results 
  • Provides infinite floor paint designs
  • Withstands heavy use and traffic
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be combined with other colors to conceal cracks and chips
  • Offers slip-resistant coatings  

Unique Modern Designs For Commercial Areas

modern design commercial space

Epoxy floors have many colors and textures to choose from, which allows people to create a unique and stunning flooring finish for their commercial property. Most epoxy flooring installers are experts in their field and are artistic in nature, so if you have a specific design, you want to achieve you can ask your installer. 

Commercial spaces can use some lights and pigment manipulation to create unique effects. This is one way to entice your guests and make them adore the unique flooring design of your commercial areas. 

Creative Designs For Commercial & Industrial Floors

creative design industrial flooring

For industrial settings, having clear lines for directions is very important to ensure the safety of everyone. Epoxy coatings can be used to make lines, traffic directions, and work zones clear to avoid possible accidents from happening.   

For commercial properties, 3D (three-dimensional) art is becoming popular, for it provides a realistic illusion to their customers. Epoxy coatings are used to protect and enhance these realistic murals. The use of epoxy coatings for both commercial and industrial properties includes the following: 

  • Makes the colors more vibrant promoting safety for industrial areas
  • Can turn boring concrete surfaces into something that’s appealing
  • Can be applied as a protective coating on concrete floors 

Artistic Designs of Epoxy Coatings

artistic design epoxy coating floor

Epoxy coatings are not only used for flooring and direction signs. Some have used epoxy as their table counters for jewelry pieces. Artists encase their artistic designs using epoxy; this type of material can be used creatively in many ways. Epoxy coatings have been used for:

  • Interior designing (can be used for tables, chairs and other materials)
  • Embalming things that people want to preserve
  • Used for countertops, floorings, and walls 

If you wanted to have an artistic flooring where you can express your individuality, epoxy floors are the best option for you. For a professionally made concrete flooring call, Epoxy Atlanta at (404) 975-1264 for a free consultation. 

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