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Your flooring solutions for Atlanta, GA, now comes closer to you. Wherever you are in the city, our residential epoxy floors services will come knocking at your doors. No one does epoxy as we do.

So, you want to adopt a highly -industrial flooring into your homes. Is it possible? Yes. Have us, the experts, do the job!

Epoxy usually plays as adhesives among massive industrial areas. Others use it as supporting materials. In small rooms at home that need improvement, epoxy coatings serve as protective sealers.

But aside from those functions mentioned above, epoxy floors are now adored at homes.

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Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

mom and baby looking out their residential windowHomes need absolute protection for the family. When floors are prone to accidents, epoxy will cover your problems. Flooring spaces upgraded with resinous coating materials provide high-performing surfaces. The concrete polishing Atlanta improves its traction, enhancing not only its look but also its durable and resistant qualities.


Epoxy coated surfaces are durable. Perfect for garages! The floor will withstand any massive impact from mechanical equipment. As time goes by, the floor will not wear quickly. It will remain polished, without cracks or dents for a long time.


Improve indoor floors with anti-slip quality, sealed with epoxy. It is safer for residential areas to eliminate accidents with the flooring system’s increased traction. 

Waterproofing the floors benefits kitchen areas and garages, and even basements.


Heat resistant floors are suitable in the kitchen areas. Aside from garages, epoxy sealed surfaces help the area regulate its reaction to heat. 

Protect the floors from constant exposure to high temperatures. Equipment that is continuously in action warms indefinitely. So if a bare concrete is always exposed to these appliances, flaws later form on the floors.

The heat reacts to the surface, making the dark patterns penetrate the surface. It is often caused by heated rubber tires marking on garage floors. With this coating technique, heat is prevented from reacting with rubber and other forms of surfaces. You don’t need to watch out for flaws regularly. This is the solution accessible in the market today.

Quick Cure

Installing a top coating on the floors should only take you a day or two. Epoxy’s installation process completes in a maximum of 72 hours. 

Most of the time, homeowners avoid technically advanced products, for using it might consume a significant amount of time. Have epoxy save you from this challenge. 

If assisted and completed by professionals, the application will undoubtedly result in a polished, flawless finish: no time to waste and no interruptions at home.


Undoubtedly residential epoxy floors save cost for complicated maintenance. Unlike the traditional floor materials, keeping them needs special tools and products. 

No need to vacuum an epoxy enhanced floor. It just needs a broom and mop with a simple cleaning solution. 


Your need for a less expensive repair and floor improvement is through this type of flooring. You might need to repair damaged concrete. Replacing new slabs is costly, indeed. 

Epoxy floor coating finishes that work for you. This is a very accessible remedy for cracked, pitted concrete. It is not necessary to spend a whole new installation. 

It could also be that your previously stained concrete in your home. You now need some resurfacing or refreshing with modern designs. Have professionals restore the pavements with an epoxy coating.

Personalized, Decorative Design

Epoxy coating products offer you unlimited color and pattern combinations. With metallic flakes and chip paints as additives, these accentuate the coating. Also, you can have control using these accents. 

If you want to produce lustrous sheen on your floors, add metallic flakes. You can also make the opalescent effect on the ground come in dual tones. Curious about how to achieve this? Just hit us a call and discuss your options.

Here’s a cool choice. 3D epoxy flooring. This type can have your favorite photo or personal pictures printed on the concrete. Imagine a nature scene or a skyline you capture with your camera. You can have this printed and serve as a flooring design on your rooms or small retail spaces.

Tough to the Core

The resinous parts components of epoxy coating make it perfect for concrete floorings. Have these materials on your properties, and you are creating a pure solid, unmovable ground in your homes or business spaces. 

The super-strength quality of the floor makes it hard to fade, torn, crush, or crack. It will take years before it creates significant flaws. This has you worrying less about expensive repairs. 

Seamless surfaces

Epoxy’s quality sheen sustains its chic, stunning look. Visually appealing floors save you also from costly interior improvement. The patterns of custom epoxy flooring are enough to attract attraction. Its color coating does not quickly fade.

The application of these materials is also easy. With self-levelling or self-dispersing coating types, the surface easily achieves a seamless, flawless, even top layer. 

No dents, no bumps, or bubbles. Mostly if this is done professionally, this floor serves you efficiently. 

Types of Epoxy

lounging area residential epoxy floor
dining are epoxy floor

Now let us expand your epoxy vocabulary. What is epoxy first? It is a pure solid material. It consists of a part resin, and the other equal part is a hardener made of polyamine compound. Resinous compounds are known for its tough and sturdy quality. 

That is what makes the floors super strong that it can withstand and fight any impact. When applying this type of concrete coating, you are assured that the surfaces are covered completely. 

Epoxy Flake Floor

An additive of flake chips to epoxy results in a distinct design. Have you seen those floors with aggregate-like textures? It is because of flakes added on the coating. 

A trowel is used to smoothen the flake chips on the surface. The most conventional flake flooring are those with neutral and monochrome colors. They look like an exposed aggregate when the flakes are finely broadcasted. 

On the other hand, the flaked patterns can also be shrewd expansively. The flake floor designs can be tricky. If you want a fine flake flooring, have an expert do it.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic flooring has a distinct variant. To achieve this, the epoxy mix also adds flakes chips with metal-like tones in it. Or the mixture is added with glitter-like pigments. That results in a glossy, lustrous effect. 

You will also know that a floor has metallic epoxy when it has water-like marbled patterns diffused on the surface. 

Epoxy Terrazzo

 The terrazzo floor has been around for a century now. It is inspired by classical Italian or Venetian decorative flooring. Epoxy techniques use this concept by adding mosaic patterns. It mixes in flake chips, pieces of quartz, or sometimes even marbles.

Terrazzo is a unique flooring. What’s more, it has increased strength and resistance due to the additives in it. Terrazzo flooring, when employed correctly, can enhance the overall look of big or small spaces. 

Homes, Industrial, Business Spaces: All-Around Solution

This flooring type is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. These floor systems are cost-efficient solutions. They are beautiful, and they last long.

Depending on your needs, epoxy is excellent for refinishing, resurfacing, or having a complete remodeling of your floors. Add to that; they also fit indoor and outdoor.

So, where can we provide these flooring services to you?

Residential Areas

A home can have Epoxy Floors Atlanta in their kitchen, garages, or basement. Or, try it on your patio. Yes. It provides added anti-slip property for outdoor floors. Keeping the environment safe with skid-resistant floors. 

Custom floors are also great for creative homeowners. A bedroom can achieve a 3D floor or the kitchen or dining area with a glossy, dimensional concrete floor.

Common areas where this flooring type fits at home are:

  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Leisure, entertainment room or sports area
  • Patio
  • Front porch or verandas
  • Bedroom


Commercial Spaces

Stylish Atlanta floors are achievable with epoxy. Have this flooring’s advanced technique by providing low-cost maintenance. Businesses can also increase profit with stunningly crafted flooring. Have more audience check into your retail spaces with iridescent concrete or marble-like effect to the flooring

Industrial Spaces

Epoxy is a highly-favoured flooring system for industrial spaces. The floor improves its strength. It protects from the impact of heavy tools and objects. Also, heat-generating machines can affect irreversible damage to the floor. So have your industrial spaces sealed with this advanced coating for absolute protection.

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