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garage-epoxy-floor-with-suppliesThe floor is the foundation of any area, in both structure and aesthetic. As a solid foundation, it must be strong. It should also stand-out with beauty. To attain these two purposes, epoxy paves the way. They are more durable than concrete and more appealing than stone.

Looking for elegant and high-performance flooring systems? Epoxy Atlanta is here to provide you with the best flooring solutions in Atlanta, GA. If you have a garage floor epoxy Atlanta GA that you want to repair, replace, or upgrade? We will provide you the best cost-effective epoxy floor options that are resilient and long-lasting.

Professionals highly recommend the epoxy floor. It is a go-to choice for garages under any condition, be it a small residential one or a commercial-sized one.

Contact us now, and we will give you a free, no-obligation quote for your garage! Epoxy is the way, call us at (404) 975-1264!

What is an Epoxy Garage Floor?

garage-epoxy-floor-with-vacuum Epoxy is the gold standard for resilient, durable, and awesome-looking floors. You would not have to worry about dropping tools and heavy equipment. No worries about spilled grease, oil, and automotive fluids. Stains and discoloration are not going to be a problem.

Are epoxy coat and epoxy paint the same?

While they are both applied as topcoats to an existing substrate, they are vastly different. Epoxy paint is acrylic paint with some epoxy mixed into it. While the epoxy makes the applied paint stronger, it is nothing compared to an epoxy coat.

We at Epoxy Atlanta apply epoxy coats. Epoxy floor coatings basically act as another layer of the floor. A resin mixture is poured on existing concrete, stone, or wooden floor. After it has dried, a new floor – an epoxy floor – is created.

Is it worth sealing garage floor?

Yes, sealing your garage floor keeps from damaging substance which extends its lifespan. Cleaning is very easy because of the glossiness. Your garage will totally revert from plain and simple to remarkable space. 

Choose Professional. Choose Epoxy Atlanta.

Can anybody install epoxy garage floors?

Yes, but no. Yes, sure anyone who tries is essentially installing an epoxy floor. However, long-lasting epoxy floors take more than just simple mixing and pouring of epoxy. Let the professionals do the work. They ensure the highest quality and highest satisfaction you can get!

Our expert team in Epoxy Atlanta will assess your current floor’s condition. They conduct a thorough inspection if it needs repair or prepares it for a garage epoxy floor finishing. We have more than the necessary knowledge. We use adequate specialized equipment and a wealth of experience in the field.

Professional Preparation and Installation

marble-design-epoxy-garage-floorEpoxy coats work best when your subfloor is in great shape, just some minor cracks, dings, or chips. Before pouring the resin fluid, the old pavement will be patched up, repaired, and scraped with a special machine to make abrasions and allow for the best adhesion of the epoxy coat on the substrate.

Afterward, depending on the unique variables to be considered, coats of epoxy will be installed. A standard epoxy garage floor coatings takes about three layers.

The first layer is the primer; this helps repair and fortify the subfloor. Depending on your choice, epoxy chips may or may not be added. But if you want a more durable and slip-resistant floor, adding paint chips helps. It adds accent and luster to the floors too! Both characteristics you would surely want in your garage flooring.

After curing, the second layer is added. Here is where the design and style elements are mixed in. They can be paint chips, glitter, metallic particles, and flakes. Also, you can opt to have a colored base coat instead of the usual clear epoxy.

The third layer or topcoat is generally the most robust layer among the three. It is usually a combination of epoxy and polyuria/polyaspartic resin. This layer takes most of the beating, so we make sure that it has the qualities you need for your garage floor coatings – tough, easy-to-clean, heat-resistant, slip-resistant, and attractive.

red car in garage with epoxy flooring

Choosing what type of flooring you want is a big decision. Contact Epoxy Atlanta GA now to get a free consultation and estimation for your epoxy garage floor plans. Dial (404) 975-1264 now!

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