DIY your Commercial Epoxy Floor: 4 Ideas For You

Business spaces that attract an audience surely increase profits. Having an appealing aesthetic all starts with the floor. A commercial epoxy flooring Atlanta GA improves commercial spaces. Letting the experts handle it gives you polished and well-executed designs.

But did you know you can also DIY your epoxy floors? Here are four ideas you can incorporate into your business areas. But first, have a quick overview of epoxy flooring.


Epoxy Floors: Overview

The epoxy floor is perfect for commercial spaces. It is a thermosetting coating that dries fast. With this, businesses eliminate downtime. It has self-dispersing and self-leveling property that allows you to apply it yourself.

Now, you might be wondering what designs and style that are trending among business spaces today? There are four you have to check out!

Profitable DIY Flooring Ideas

1- Black and White Dual Tone

A distinction and less complicated designs are neutral themes. The marriage of black and white does not go out of style. The mix of the contrasting colors immediately adds paly of light and shadow to your business space. 

A metallic epoxy floor using the blend of black and white pigments creates a pearlescent flooring. You can quickly disperse the dyes together so that they will make a morphing pattern.

2- Ocean Waves Floor

Whether you live in a hot, temperate climate or a winter-loving State, an ocean-themed floor looks great in your space. The bluish tones can be a mix of three shades or use a base of white for effect. 

The light to gray shades of blue adds contrast to a warm ambiance. A colder climate can benefit from the monochromatic element that amplifies cooler colors that are easy on the eye. It also brightens and lightens up a mood in a stark winter location.

3- Business Logo for Personalized Designs

DIY concepts come in if you have the creative control, especially to designs. With epoxy flooring, you can print your own design coat. You can then ask the experts to help you install the printed image on the floors with epoxy top coating. 

These are floors that can exactly translate your brand to your business establishment. You can have your logo installed at the entrance of your office space or the center of your retail space.

4- Glittery Floors for Glamourous Space

A simpler and quicker, no-fuss flooring design is with metallic flakes and chips. When additives of metallic flakes are mixed, it will result in a sparkling surface. These patterns are perfect for entertaining spaces. A low lighted room can also receive a natural effect of lighting with glittery floors. 


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