Epoxy Garage Floor Color Chart

Custom floors are possible with an epoxy garage floor Atlanta GA. No other flooring system can offer unique and innovative patterns, design possibilities, and color combinations. We know how the realistic 3D images excite you to achieve epoxy surfacing your interiors

But before that, take a closer look at all the standard colors this flooring solution has to offer you. You can mix and match pigments. Design your theme flooring and witness the dream floor of yours come to life. 

Here is a guide to our epoxy color chart. Begin your choices here as you plan your floor improvement today.

Color Combinations for Standard Epoxy Base Coating

Light Earth to Warm Earthy Colors

  • Bone White
  • Flaxen
  • Wheat Brown 
  • Sand Brown

Warm-Moderate Dar Color

  • Buff
  • Thatch Brown
  • Adobe
  • Red Brick
  • Seattle Red

Neutral Colors

  • Concrete Gray 
  • Delta Fog
  • Sterling
  • Slate

Standard Primary Colors

  • Safety Yellow
  • Safety Red
  • Safety Blue

Hope that this mini coloring class sparked joy in you. Now that you have already looked at the various color options, what’s next? How to choose then?

epoxy garage floor atlanta ga

There are factors to consider if you got now the colors you like. It is essential for you to think carefully about how these will match your concepts. Taking into the cue about the areas you choose to install epoxy flooring bears a significant impact.

  • Choosing the colors according to the area of installation

Where are you planning to have epoxy floors? This flooring type is best for your interiors. The most functional spaces need a sustainable aesthetic. 

Familiar places where epoxy fits entirely are your garages, basements, kitchens, and even the bathrooms. These areas are full of action. People going in and out of these places will cause the floors to wear down quickly.

  • Choose the colors to suit the function of the floors

Epoxy has super-resistant properties. Anti-stain, anti-chemical, and waterproofing are qualities that make it superior. So if you want bright, light colors to surface the kitchen floors, epoxy will achieve that for you. At the same time, staining won’t worry you. 

  • Choose according to common color themes

The design possibilities this flooring type delivers you are endless. This is great for creating amorphous patterns or even mimic marbled-floors. 

With this idea, you may get thrilled to get down and DIY your floors. But first, be aware that the resinous coating is super adhesive and has a quick cure property. Once you applied this on the top layers, there is no turning back. If you are not sure about the color choices you have in mind, call the experts. 

Creating morphing patterns, you can get inspiration from these themes:

  • Monochromatic – use shades of pigments form a single variant of color
  • Complementary – opposites attract, they say. In coloring, your concrete structures contrasts from the opposite side of the color spectrum will draw heads and appeal to the eyes.
  • Minimalist- Neutral gray floors look luxurious if used with epoxy pigments. You can now have sturdy, economical, and adaptable flooring to incorporate in your minimalist dream house or business space.
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