Metallic Epoxy Floors Atlanta: Coating System

Custom metallic floors are durable and cost-efficient. Epoxy Flooring Atlanta is a team of professional contractors and floor designers creating concrete floor masterpieces and providing top-quality epoxy flooring service! Our company works only with master artisans with years of experience under their belts, producing concrete floorings and installation. Every project their hands get into only results in the superb quality concrete surface. Now, the team brings you epoxy coatings, the best and most innovative floors throughout Atlanta GA.

Superior in form and function, metallic epoxy floors enhance your properties’ overall value.

Are you looking for the best decorative concrete design to date? Call us today and learn your epoxy flooring options right now!

How Durable is Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

The metallic epoxy creates appealing, lustrous floors. Simply put, these floors look like steel, and they are as tough as steel. It’s perfect for you to welcome the season with a new set of floors and designs that celebrate the year of the Metal!

With intense physical features, the concrete floors in your areas will last. They become slip-a-resistance, anti-wear and tear, water-proof, and chemical-stain proof.

Epoxy Flooring Atlanta is your top company that brings out only reliable service among residential, commercial, and industrial properties. So, you can have masterfully crafted epoxy floors anywhere you want. Relish customer satisfaction when you work with our team of flooring artisans. Our aim is to meet every client’s vision for their homes or in the business areas. Check out reviews from our loyal clients who have proven our top-quality work.

Need to uplift your dull garage areas and basements? How about your small retail space or commercial garage? A polished concrete needs a new layer of decorative designs. Why not use epoxy floor coatings to give it a new look.

Are you tired of looking for trendy decorative concrete flooring designs? Metallic epoxy is a cost-efficient floor coating solution. Improve the dull, grey spaces in your home or business area with concrete coatings looking like pearls and precious stone. Metallic epoxy is the way to go!

Improve your ordinary spaces with high-gloss, metal-like floors in Atlanta GA. Call us @(404) 975-1264 today. Do not wait too long to revamp your areas with metallic epoxy flooring in Atlanta!

How to Do Metallic Epoxy Atlanta & Colors Available for Installation

Transform your plain, grey concrete floors into elegant surfaces in your properties. The metallic epoxy floors are known for their pearl-like iridescent and durable floor surfaces. Let your garage floors, basements, and various concrete surfaces breathe elegance. How to do the metallic epoxy flooring?
Metallic epoxy floor coating offers you various color options that you can choose from. Also, decide on what design will fit your preference when you combine tone-on-tone metallic colors. You can have monotone or dual-one metallic.

Let the pros help you decide and choose the flooring design for your home or business spaces. Here are the available colors that you can mix and match to install elegant metallic Atlanta epoxy in your properties.

Monotone Colors

Montone metallic colors work best for any interior surface. You can have your kitchen floor coated with simple standard primary colors. Or, remodel your basement area with shiny mono-tone color, etc.

Standard Primary Colors Options
  • Whitish
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Silvery grey
  • Walnut 
  • Charcoal 
  • Beige
Signature Metallic Colors
  • Sonoma
  • Terracotta
  • Steel Grey
  • Flint Stone Color
  • Classic Opulent Grey
  • Wine red
  • Honey
  • Bronze
  • Gold
man applying metallic epoxy

Dual Tone Metallic Floor Epoxy

Dual-tone, or sometimes called tone-on tone coating. These color mixes are popular in creating a dynamic epoxy garage floor. Do not be daunted from choosing from the many garage floor coating out in the market today. Metallic floor coatings are your best options for having both decorative and durable floorings.

You can have two types of metallic colors using different metallic sheens. Create as well a custom color when you choose the shade you want. 

You can tell our expert installer if you want a matte-metallic coating or a high-gloss metallic finish. Our masterful flooring contractors can use a variety of epoxy coating methods with the most innovative tools to achieve the unique decorative flooring you like to have.

Why not create the most innovative commercial flooring with our signature metallic epoxy floor coating designs.

  • Wool grey metallic
  • Titanium floor coating
  • Frost grey metallic
  • Slate blue 
  • Silver Frost grey coating
  • Light gold
  • Red Gold
  • Green and Silver coating
  • Copper Red
  • Burnt Orange

There is so much more to choose from. Combine high gloss and matte for your garage floor. Or create a multi-system epoxy coating for your industrial-grade flooring. You can also have your basement transform and provide its unique functions when you revamp the concrete surfaces using epoxy floor coatings.

Install a unique garage epoxy floor when you opt for tone-on-tone metallic epoxy. Have all the best features of a garage floor coating with high performance and top-notch Atalanta garage floor epoxy. 

Advantages, Cost, and Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Atlanta Installation

What are the benefits, and how much does it cost to epoxy a floor? Reap the great advantages of having metallic epoxy flooring in your Residential and Commercial floors in Atlanta. Innovative epoxy coatings provide your properties with the following benefits:

  • Slip-Resistant Floor

Busy spaces in your residential and commercial areas need high slip-resistant. Apply epoxy coatings in your kitchens, cafes, restaurants, and more.

  • Elegant Aesthetic Appeal

Enhance creativity and productivity when you design your workspaces and retail stores with elegant Atlanta epoxy flooring designs. Use metallic to attract more clients to your business areas.

  • Durable

Metallic epoxy coatings make any floor durable. While they show a delicate sheen, these floor surfaces, looking like metal, are tough and resilient.

  • Cost-Effective Floor Coating

Metallic epoxy floors are cost effective, especially for garage areas. Have greasy and gory spaces no more when you revamp the garage areas with garage epoxy floors! Add a metallic coating for a high-gloss finish that will hide any stains. 

This year concrete floor products have become more cost-efficient. Epoxy floor cost ranges from as low as $3 to $7 per square foot. Its all-time cost estimate is at $5 to $12 per square foot.

  • Chemical Resistant Floor Coating

Garage epoxy floors provide super chemical resistance. That is why not only residential and commercial garages prefer using epoxy floor coatings. Industrial areas found the best of the benefits of using epoxy for their high traffic facilities.

  • Water Resistant Floor Coating

Repel water and avoid water damages when you finish the floors with seamless and polished metallic epoxy floor coatings.

  • High Stain-Resistant

For creating stain resistance in your facilities, get an epoxy floor installation right away. If you need to improve your commercial garage floor epoxy and industrial concrete, get Atlanta epoxy floor installation! 

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We provide high quality epoxy flooring services in major Atlanta area, and nearby locations. Contact us or send us any epoxy installation queries and related matters at our email address. Or message us by answering our client information and contact page. The best and most cost effective epoxy floor maintenance, epoxy floor coating services, repair, and installation are right at your doorsteps. Call Atlanta Epoxy! All rights reserved.

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